Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen’s Shopping Experience


(NOBODY filmed this, so I’m paraphrasing what I remember trololol)


Richard: [about the karaoke outfits] We went shopping together for those. We actually thought about filming the whole experience, but then realized that it would be too much, just too much excitement for people to handle and we didn’t. So after we bought them and left the thrift store, we were originally gonna go our separate ways. But right as we’re about to say goodbye to each other outside, this lady runs up to Matt and is like “ohhhh, you are SO fine, you’re SO fine!” and I’m thinking that she’s like, a Supernatural fan, but it turns out she didn’t even know what Supernatural was! She just thought Matt was hot! She totally like, pushed and elbowed me out of the way to get to him, and all the while she’s just like “Oh, you so fine, you are my husband, you so fine!”


Matt: And I’m like, “Excuse me! Have some respect for my wife!” [points to Richard]

Richard: [Laughs] So she’s standing there, fawning over Matt, and then she says “you wanna see something?” and she pulls out her iphone. And this is when I know something’s wrong, because Matt’s eyebrows like shoot way up and he starts saying something like “oh wow, yeah, okay, well it was nice to meet you, I gotta go!” and he grabs my arm and we take off. And when we’re a safe distance away, I turn to him and I’m like “Dude, what did she show you?” and he just looks at me and whispers “It was a picture of her bare ass.”

Matt: I didn’t even…there was just…ass.

-VanCon 2011 


These two are adorable, and I’m gonna spam up some pictures of their panel again later. Also, they do a pretty damn good Sonny and Cher duet.